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Fireplace & Stove Sales

One of the hardest things about taking on a fireplace project is knowing where to start. The good news is that we’ve been helping families in our community with their fireplace projects since 1995 and can’t wait to help with your project as well!

Our website will walk you through which fireplaces could be a good fit for your project—and our team is happy to help as well! We’ll help you understand which brands and models will work best for your home and make sure they get installed safely.

Where Do You Start?

Our website will help you walk through which fireplace options will be best for your home—and even provide a project estimate! From there, we’ll schedule an inspection to verify that it will be a perfect fit for your home and answer any of your questions.

Our factory-trained technicians will make sure your project is installed safely. Also, our concierge service can manage all of the trades needed to complete your fireplace—from electricians, to plumbers, framers, and tile-setters.

You won’t believe how much a new fireplace can transform your home! From movie nights to cocktail parties, this part of your home will be the place where everyone wants to gather.

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