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The Lexi Award

In honor and remembrance of Alexis (Lexi) Rettinger – we have created the Lexi Award.

This award is given to charities that display “fierce love” like Lexi did toward everything in her life.

The recipients of this award are hand selected by Rettinger Fireplace Systems every year on Lexi’s favorite holiday: Valentines Day! Make sure you check in every Valentines Day to see who the recipient is of the Lexi Award each year.

2022 Lexi Award - The Mosaic Project

This year’s Lexi award will go to The Mosaic Project. We believe that with all that is going on in the world, the most important investment we can make is in Peace, Love and Understanding.

In 2012-2013, I worked for this organization at their outdoor school as a Youth Leader and experienced firsthand how powerful their program is. There is incredible power in their curriculum for both youth and adults alike. We believe that if world peace is in our future, it will be a direct result of the values of the Mosaic Project permeating our cultures.

– Dave Rettinger, Jr.

Recipient Of The 1st Annual Lexi Award: Kristin Rodriguez

Kristen is a front line worker who has shown fierce love like Lexi throughout the Covid-19 global pandemic. When the pandemic first began Kristen worked overtime to get the community scheduled for Covid testing. With a vaccine now available, her full time focus is getting the high risk population vaccinated. We couldn’t have found a more deserving recipient who embodies Lexi’s deep convictions and loving ways. Both of these women have made this world a better place to live because of their generousity of love and kindness.

Congratuations, Kristen and thank you for loving like Lexi!

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