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Rettinger Chimney Service

Chimney Service

Need to get your chimney swept and serviced? We can help! Our technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of American (CSIA) and take care to make sure that nothing is disturbed in your home throughout the process.

Here's how it works:


We protect the area inside with tarps, drop cloths, and vacuums.


We inspect the chimney and fireplace to diagnose any vulnerabilities in them.


We sweep the chimney and perform any needed repairs so it can be safely used.

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Chimney Inspections

During a level 1 inspection, we will inspect any accessible area of the chimney above the roofline from the roof or a ladder. The fireplace or appliance and all accessible areas around will be inspected as well.
During a level 2 inspection, we will inspect the following areas: the attic, the chimney above the roofline, any accessible areas in or under the fireplace, and other necessary areas. The appliance or fireplace will be inspected inside and out, and we will finish up with a video scan of the flue attached to the appliance. Real Estate Inspections require a level 2 inspection.
This level of inspection will vary depending on the reasoning for the inspection. It could include the removal of permanent portions of the chimney or home, and is reserved for situations when a level 1 or level 2 chimney inspection will not suffice. Our technicians will explain the reasoning and approach once the issue is expressed to the homeowner.

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