Flare: Front Facing 50 Commercial – 24″ High Glass – Rettinger Fireplace Systems Inc.
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Flare: Front Facing 50 Commercial - 24" High Glass

Commercial spaces are terrific examples of design and construction. Whether clients meet in the lobby as the entrance to your space or are fully immersed in your restaurant space; Flare makes the perfect staple to impress and warm all.

With our 7 models offering 16″, 24″ or 30″ glass heights across window lengths ranging from 30″-100″: We offer the same great linear fireplace solution for any commercial design that comes standard in our residential line. If having our Safe Touch Double Glass and Cool Touch Wall standard in every one of our Frameless Commercial fireplaces isn’t enough; the reliability of our electronic ignition is as consistent as flipping a switch to control your Flare which presents huge advantages in restaurants, hotels and office spaces.

Be assured that Flare’s commercial corner lines still come with crystal clear glass-to-glass connections. No obstructions from corner framing, screens or silicone just a pathway into the heart of flames radiating from our advanced 3D Burner System.

With the same heat production properties of our Residential CSA Certified Fireplace Heaters, Flare can be further adapted to suit any commercial area with the implementation of it’s heat removal system, The Summer Kit. Flare’s Commercial Fireplace line also comes without any requirement of Power Vents to run properly. In the event your vent run requires it, however, each unit can still be paired with any of the 3 Power Vent systems Flare continues to offer.

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