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Ambiance: Illusion 56

Be the best you can be and the stunning Illusion® 56 will help you get there! This linear gas fireplace makes a serious statement about your lifestyle and will encourage you to slow down, relax more and worry less by spending additional time at home with family and friends. This fireplace creates a romantic bond between your home and lifestyle. The model is truly impressive, but customize it and make it your own with the same options as the smaller models in this series. The quality, dependability and warranty with the Illusion® 56 is rock solid. This Illusion will improve your outlook on life while providing an atmosphere of comfort and serenity. Isn’t it time to ignite your creativity with the Illusion® 56?

  • Crystal clear & wide glass view on fire.
  • Flexible log arrangements.
  • Trusted, safe and reliable.
  • Customize the trim to your home design.
  • Covered by the best warranty in the industry!

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