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A wood fireplace is one of the most unique and versatile appliances in any home that can light up any room (pun intended!). Although autumn and winter have an unspoken claim to fireplace use, the spring and summer are also perfect seasons to bring some bright, crackling ambiance to your next gathering or family movie night. Fireplaces are designed for heating the home, a service that may still be necessary on cooler summer evenings, and the calming effects and air of sophistication old-fashioned wood fire provides can add an elegant and soothing touch to your home throughout every season.

But, just like any other appliance, correct installation, necessary precautions, and annual maintenance services for your wood-burning fireplace are all essential to keeping it running safely and efficiently now and in the future. We at Rettinger, leading fireplace inserts installers in NJ, have created a list of some simple safety and efficiency tips for your fireplace: 

Summer is the Time for Design

Fall is windy, winter is cold and snowy, spring is rainy and the weather is always shifting, but summer usually has the calmest weather (if you disregard the occasional storm). By our calculation, summer is an excellent time for home renovations, which could include some of the fireplace safety and efficiency suggestions above. 

But, summer is not just for repairing and servicing your fireplace — it’s also an ideal time to show off your safe and updated fireplace to family and friends! Below, we have provided a short list of ways to give your fireplace some love and bring a more modern look to your living room or den! 

  1. Install or Modernize Your Mantelpiece

Your fireplace should be the focal point of the room. And without a mantel, you are missing out on some prime decor opportunities. If you do have a mantel, it might be time to give it a facelift. Look at what you have this summer and see if there is anything you would like us to do to make it even better!

  1. Put in a Fireplace Door

Every fireplace should have a door to protect your home from downdrafts and energy inefficiency. It is an extra safety measure for children and pets, and they look great! Already have a door for your fireplace? It might need an update! At Rettinger, we have some excellent door designs from which you can choose.

  1. Revamp the Fireplace Wall 

A brick fireplace is one of the most classic designs in the book, but it can get a bit tired and you might want to change your room decor. Take a look at the different fireplace wall updates we have available, including metal wall, trending ship lap look or porcelain variety. Rettinger technicians are professionals and can install a new fireplace wall quickly, so you can get your dream fireplace roaring again! 

For more information on our fireplaces and design options, or to install custom cabinetry in South Jersey, give us at Rettinger Fireplace Systems a call today!