Blog: Unique Places to Install a Fireplace
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Here at Rettinger, the leading gas fireplace provider in Cape May County, NJ, we believe that fireplaces are excellent additions to any home and that they are more versatile than most people think. When fireplaces were the main heat source in the home, the living room was an excellent, central area to install one. In addition, bedrooms became another great place to warm residents at night. However, with modern technology, central heating, and insulation, fireplaces have begun to straddle both form and function in a household, allowing creative homeowners and house designers to install fireplaces in other areas in the home. Here.are a few unique places to put a fireplace that will add both monetary and aesthetic value to your home.

Fireplaces can brighten up an entire room and create a warm atmosphere to spend quality time with family and welcome guests into your home. The versatility and beauty of fireplaces make them sought after conveniences in the real estate market today. Along with custom cabinetry in South Jersey, Rettinger provides a wide range of gorgeous indoor and outdoor fireplaces, so give us a call, and we’ll help you put that roaring hearth in any place you want!