Town & Country TCW120 Linear

The First Linear Wood Burning Fireplace

The first North American made linear, wood-burning fireplace, the TCW120 is imbued with the industry-leading quality of our gas fireplaces. Quick-lighting and EPA-qualified, it features AirWash Technology for a clear view of its warm, expansive flame, you can further enhance its exquisite architecture with our exclusive collection of handcrafted ceramic surrounds by premier Italian manufacturer, Piazzetta.

  • 48" linear, EPA qualified wood burning fireplace
  • AirWash technology channels airflow keeps glass spotless
  • ALUKER® interior panels capture, retain and radiate energy for stable, high-efficiency heating
  • Single-lever, left or right swinging door
  • Boost air system for easy lighting
  • 150,000 BTU
  • 5 kg burn rate
  • 8-inch flue
  • Optional Surrounds by Piazzetta, Italy - Element, Wave, Grace

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