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We’ve officially jumped headfirst into autumn and with it comes the chilly weather, exciting holidays, as well as countless family time. And where better to gather than around a cozy fireplace? A fireplace is not just a decoration piece or a heater for your home, it’s also a place where friends and family gather to be together, engage each other, and enjoy the moment. 

Why an Outdoor Fireplace?

Indoor fireplaces can instantly transform a room to feel comfortable, warm, and homey. It makes you feel like you’re separated from the harsh cold outside banging at your window. Outdoor fireplaces, on the other hand, make the time spent outside more enjoyable. Just think about all the awesome fall activities that would be improved by a fireplace. Kids could be roasting marshmallows and playing around the yard as you sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine. As the owner of an outdoor fireplace, you’ll become the Gatsby of your friend group – always happy to host the next event. Your guests may be so impressed with your new outdoor addition that they will want to get their own outdoor fireplaces installed! 

What Do I Need to Know Beforehand?

One of the first things to consider when purchasing your outdoor fireplace is whether it will be freestanding or built-in. Built-in outdoor fireplaces are an addition to your home, so they require a lot of preplanning to make sure there are no kinks in the installation. Although they have a higher initial cost compared to their freestanding counterparts, these fireplaces will significantly boost the value of your house in the future if you decide to put it up for sale. Freestanding fireplaces are not built into the house and generally cost a little less to install and maintain. If you’re just looking for a fun place to hang out, you should consider a freestanding fireplace. 

After deciding on which type of outdoor fireplace you want to build, you must consider how it’s going to be powered. We can easily install a wood or gas fireplace for residents in Cape May County and the surrounding areas.
What Are the Other Outdoor Products Available?

If you don’t think a fireplace is the right product for you, we have other outdoor accessories to spruce up your backyard. 

Gas firepit tables are quickly becoming one of the most popular backyard adornments in the South Jersey area. The best part of owning a gas firepit table is that it doesn’t need to run on a gas line, just a regular propane tank. What easier way could there be to create a comfy hangout spot for all of our upcoming cool autumn nights?

Are you ready to have a “lit” backyard? If so, contact Rettinger Fireplace Systems right away. We specialize in fireplace and custom cabinetry installments in all of South Jersey

Our team of highly trained professionals is quick, efficient, and most of all, safe!

In fact, our mantra is SAFETY FIRST & FOREMOST… since we are putting fire into people’s homes!