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When you submit the down payment on a home, you’re probably not thinking about reselling the property years down the line. However, even if it is unequivocally your forever home, you should always think about ways to add value to your home to prepare for the possibility of selling the house. For most homebuyers on the market, houses that have not received updates in the last few years will usually receive a cursory look before they move on to the next home. 

Putting more money into your house in addition to monthly mortgage payments can seem like throwing money into a well. However, by investing in your property now, you could add value to your home by the time you want to put the house back on the market.

Read below to learn how simple home improvement projects can help increase your ROI and make your home more valuable!

Each one of the options above will help increase your home’s value, but why is that the case? 

  • Fireplaces: Interestingly, fireplaces are some of the most appealing features that homebuyers are looking for in their new home. They are also features that can increase your enjoyment of your home while you are living in it. If you are looking for even more of a pop on real estate sites, consider having professionals from Rettinger install a second or third fireplace in a bedroom or bathroom. 
  • Siding & Roofing: Siding and roofing are two or more of the most important exterior features of a home. By replacing one or both elements, you can upgrade the curb appeal and avoid damage to the structure and what is inside. Additionally, roofs are made to last 15+ years, so a recently-replaced roof is more attractive.
  • Windows: Not only are new windows more visually-appealing, but they can also help keep your energy bills down due to their efficiency levels. Buyers are more willing to invest money in a house that is efficient because they are looking for ways to limit their expenses.
  • Remodeling Rooms: After living in a house for a few years, you can start visualizing what you wish you could do to your home to make it more livable and fluid. By remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, you can spike your ROI when it comes time to sell. Also, upgrading appliances can make the home more attractive to potential buyers.

At Rettinger Fireplace Systems, we proudly hold a commitment to the complete satisfaction of your customers with our many fireplaces in Cape May, NJ, and custom cabinetry in South Jersey. Learn more about our expert fireplace installations and other services by calling us today!