Four Benefits of Having a New Fireplace Installed - Rettinger Fireplace Systems Inc.
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There are few things that almost everyone loves, but snuggling up to a warm fireplace is definitely one of them. If you’re considering heading to your local fireplace store in NJ but haven’t quite made the commitment yet, know that fireplaces provide plenty of benefits beyond just being warm. These benefits can include:

1. Increasing the appeal of your home

If you’re looking to sell your home, most good agents will tell you that a large amount of the selling price comes from the charm of the home. This is why so many homeowners do everything from hiring a carpet cleaning service to installing custom cabinetry in South Jersey before they sell their homes. A fireplace is estimated to boost home selling price by $12,000 in some areas.

2. An environmentally-friendly home edition

No matter which type of fireplace you choose, it provides one of the most environmentally-friendly options when it comes to home improvement. An electric fireplace releases no toxic greenhouse gases, and wood for wood-burning fireplaces can be gathered from the backyard of many homes.

3. Its ease of use

Gas and electric fireplaces require little more than the flip of a switch to turn on, and wood-burning fireplaces only require a small amount of fuel to get going. Most owners say that they understood how to use their fireplace in as little as two or three uses. Even if you are technologically challenged, fireplaces are very user friendly.

4. Improving the ambiance of any room

Most people agree that fireplaces are great-looking, especially against the backdrop of a cold winter night. No matter which type of fireplace you choose, one of the most powerful benefits of installing a fireplace is the beauty and classic mood that the warmth and ambiance can bring to any room. If you believe that your living room or master bedroom is missing something, a fireplace might do the trick.

To learn more about the benefits of having a new fireplace, please reach out to us here at Rettinger Fireplace Systems.