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After a long hot day, you don’t have to stay cooped up inside on summer nights as the temperature cools down, instead spend them outdoors with friends and family. Engage in fun, laughter, and enjoy the company of others around a big fire. So, get together with everyone you know, cozy up with blankets, and use this list of things to do fireside, all summer long.

Board Games

Board games have been a family pastime for as long as they’ve existed. Break out those games that have been sitting in your closet, and you’ll soon remember the reason why they were once your favorite thing to do. Revisit classics like Monopoly, Sorry, and Trouble and the whole night will just flash by in the blink of an eye because of the fun and laughter everyone will share.

Spooky Stories

What’s an outdoor fire without some spooky stories to tell? Make up some of your own creepy and horrifying tales or put a spin on a classic story to really shock your audience. Everyone can get involved from the most experienced storytellers to the amateurs. Gasps, mouth drops, and screams all in good fun will be a memory to make for years to come.


Aside from the traditional (but still oh so tasty) s’more, you can cook up some hot dogs on a stick or even some kabobs! Doesn’t that sound delicious? Food is always an excellent addition to any get-together, so make this a must on your fireside things to do this summer.

Now that you’ve got some fun ideas for your fireside soiree, you can get to it. Remember, when in need of fireplace stores in Atlantic City, Rettinger Fireplace Systems is always available to assist you with any problems your fireplace may be encountering.  We also provide installation when you think you’re in for a new and upgraded addition.

After all, your outdoor fireplace be the centerpiece for ALL of your get-togethers this summer! Contact our team at Rettinger Fireplace Systems for a fireplace in Camden County and surrounding areas today.