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Even though summer is still here, we have had a few autumnal-feeling days in the midst of the summer heat as a reminder that fall is quickly approaching. At Rettinger Fireplace Systems, we have taken the reminder to heart and are excited to transition to a season ideal for gathering around fireplaces. Whether you have an outdoor or an indoor fireplace, or one of each, you understand that the fireplace itself is only one aspect of the whole installation. 

With mantelpieces, shelves, and cabinets to decorate, there is still so much to do to get your fireplaces into the fall spirit! And what better time to start than now? 

Colors, Dimensions, & Design

Autumn is a time of transition marked by the changing colors of the foliage and the falling leaves. The warm, green, youthful summer is coming to a close, the wind rustles the fragile leaves, and the smell of crackling fires permeates the clear and cool night air. These marks of the season bring in a brand new decorating palette with which you may experiment on your mantelpiece and around the family hearth. Rustic, earthy tones like dusty yellow, burnt orange, and apple red match the bright flickering flames and evoke the right pathos for all who experience it. 

Some fireplaces are taller, skinnier, wider, and stouter than others, so the decor you choose should work well with the dimensions. For example, tall fireplaces should be adorned with and surrounded by taller objects, while wider fireplaces require a more horizontal emphasis. Tall corn stalks, scarecrows, and harvest tools, wide hay bales and pumpkins, and the various proportions of gourds make excellent options to add more organic and harvest season decor to both indoor and outdoor fireplaces while also emphasizing the fireplaces¬í dimensions. 

Autumnal Decor Suggestions

At Rettinger Fireplace Systems, we want your fireplace to look as autumnal as possible to get you, your family, and your guests in the fall mood. Check out a few of our fall decor suggestions to add a bit of seasonal flair to your home: 

If you take our advice for a fall-themed mantlepiece, you will certainly have the autumnal ambiance you want! However, we want to remind you that safety, not decor, should always be your first priority. Be sure to keep anything combustible away from the fireplace itself and to follow all manufacturer’s clearances to combustible materials at all times.

As the leading gas fireplace installer in Cape May County, Rettinger Fireplace Systems is your go-to for hearth services and decor. In addition to the excellent fireplace services, including installations, repairs, and maintenance, we also provide the best custom cabinetry in Cape May County, NJ. For more fall decor suggestions or to request a custom mantel or cabinet system installed on or around your fireplace, give us a call today!