Converting from Wood to Gas? Here Are Your Options at Rettinger Fireplace Systems - Rettinger Fireplace Systems Inc.
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For many homeowners, there’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying the scent, crackle, and, of course, warmth of a wood-burning fireplace. Although they are charming, wood-burning fireplaces may not always be great for your particular budget. If you still want this great home amenity, but think it’s time for you to convert your beloved wood fireplace to gas, there are a variety of gas fireplaces you will find at Rettingers NJ showroom. In fact, here are a few of the options you can choose:

Option 1: Gas Log Set (Vented or Vent-Free)

If you can no longer tolerate burning wood and want to start your new gas fireplace simply by flicking a switch or with a remote, you can opt for one of our gas log sets. We have both vent-free and vented gas log sets that offer exceptional realism and beauty. Just visit the Products page of our site to view a few of the vent-free and vented options (out of many) that we have available in our showroom.

Option 2: Gas Insert (Direct-Vent or Vent-Free)

If you’ve had enough of the wood, but want to do what you can to revive your old fireplace, consider a gorgeous new gas insert. We have an extensive selection of direct vent and vent-free gas inserts, that are also available in cast-iron, steel, and several different colors. To learn more about our fabulous gas fireplace inserts, please click here.

Option 3: Tear Out That Old Wood Burner, and Install a New Gas Fireplace System

If you have an old wood burning fireplace or wood stove sitting in your home, we have no problem tearing it out and installing a completely new gas fireplace system in its place. After all, at Rettinger’s, providing you with a fireplace that suits your needs is our goal, even if we need to have our installers and technical service staff remove an out–of–date wood burner.

If any of these options sound preferable, here are some pointers that will make the process of switching your wood-burning fireplace to gas as simple as possible, and things that you should also expect to encounter during the process:

  1. Visit our showroom (bring pictures and measurements if you can)
  2. Discuss options, get a quote, schedule site inspection.
  3. Schedule a chimney inspection (by a Certified Chimney Sweep, not us, but our qualified referral)
  4. Gas lines need to be installed by a Licensed Plumber (not us, but our qualified referral.)
  5. Electric (if applicable) needs to be installed by a Licensed Electrician (not us, but our qualified referral.)
  6. Permits needed will be filled out by Rettinger’s for you to submit.
  7. Gas and Electric rough installations then Township rough inspections.
  8. Rettinger’s installation.
  9. Final inspection by the Township.
  10. Warm and cozy by the fireplace.
  11. Happy family!

To learn more about the gas burning fireplaces we offer or our fireplace installation company based in New Jersey, please browse our site, call us at 856-783-5501 or fill out a contact form.