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Gas fireplaces require less maintenance than their wood-burning competitors along with a host of other advantages. As the leading provider of gas fireplace installation and custom cabinetry in South Jersey, we’ve listed some benefits of switching to a gas fireplace below.

Consistent Supply of Heat

With a natural gas fireplace, there is no need to replace supplies of wooden fuels continually. You can enjoy a steady supply of gas through the cold winter months.

Cleaner and Safer

Wood fireplaces need to be cleaned and maintained after burning each cord of wood.  Also, the heat and smoke can lead to a build-up of creosote inside chimney areas that can eventually lead to chimney fires. Gas fireplaces don’t leave behind any contaminants and only require an annual maintenance.


Unlike wood fireplaces, direct vent gas fireplaces do not spark and do not produce open flames that can be dangerous to children and pets along with a protective, fixed screen. Additionally, they are often controlled from a central source and therefore can be switched off instantly in the case of an emergency.

Less Labor Work

By opting for a gas fireplace, you will never need to buy, chop, and store logs to use as fuel. You also won’t need to purchase a poke, fireguard, and other tools that are essential for a wood burning fireplace.

Cheaper to Run

The average family with a wood burning fireplace will spend $234 a year on logs to burn as fuel. Alternatively, gas fireplaces cost an average of just $74 per year to keep running consistently throughout the colder months.

Flexible Control

Weather can be unpredictable in the winter and autumn months. With wood-burning fireplaces, homeowners have very little control over temperature. However, gas burning fireplaces can be adjusted to create the ideal temperature at any time.

Gas fireplaces are a fantastic investment for homeowners. Although they may be more expensive in the beginning, they pay for themselves with savings on fuel over time. They’re also safer, and more efficient in general. If you’re considering switching to a gas fireplace in Cape May County, call Rettinger Fireplace Systems today!