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The holiday season is a popular time to decorate a fireplace mantel, but what about after the holidays? The hearth is a focal point of any home, and the mantel is a perfect space for showcasing your special photos or art pieces. Now that the holiday season has come and passed, it’s time to think about fresh and inviting ways to design your mantel for a new season of enjoyment. At Rettinger Fireplace Systems, we’ve got five tips to help you refresh the look of your fireplace mantel this winter season and beyond.

  1. Use vessels.

Any vase, urn, or pot makes a great mantel focal point. You can choose from a wide variety of vessels that suit your personality. Ceramic and glass are also popular favorites. If you’re in the mood for a full upgrade and want to find a fireplaces for sale in the Jersey Shore area, then call us. With your freshly decorated mantel, you’ll want to have the perfect fireplace to top it all off.

  1. Try branches and greenery.

Using a variety of branches is always a great mantel decorating idea because they add height.  Branches also give your space a light and airy feel. Some people enjoy using Schefflera leaves or eucalyptus bunches. Fresh flowers are always a welcome choice for a mantel, as well. Greens of any kind add a fresh and welcoming look to mantels, too.

  1. Add some candles.

There’s nothing like a few beautiful candles set atop a mantel. You can opt for one large candle in the center, or try out a few smaller ones across the entire ledge. Flickering candlelight always adds a soft touch to any home. Nowadays you can get LED candles, too. These are beautiful, and they’re safe to use if you’ve got kids in the house.

  1. Display photos.

Another way to decorate your mantel is by adding some family photos. Adding pictures speaks to your personality, and it gives friends a chance to see more of your family when they visit. In addition to displaying your photos, we also recommend adding a few favorite objects, such as a special shell from the beach or a small work of art that holds special meaning.

  1. Utilize repetition.

When you work with a straight, flat surface such as a mantel, it’s always a good idea to create repetition so that you end up with an intriguing pattern. An example would be repeating small, ceramic pumpkins or small votive candles. In all, get creative and have fun!

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