5 Cleaning Tips for Your Fireplace This Fall Season - Rettinger Fireplace Systems Inc.
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It’s easy to forget about your fireplace when the weather is warm, but when fall rolls around, you’ll want to get your fireplace clean and ready for the colder days ahead. When the temperature begins to drop, it’s important that your fireplace be ready for action. Those images of cozy nights with family and friends in front of a crackling fire are just a few steps away. At Rettinger Fireplace Systems, we have five tips that will help you get your fireplace cleaned for the fall season. The following tips will ensure that your wood-burning fireplace is ready to go for the season.

  1. Clean out old ashes.

One of the most important cleaning tips to prepare your fireplace for the fall season is to remove any old logs and ashes. At Rettinger Fireplace Systems, we recommend you use a respirator and rubber gloves to protect yourself from creosote dust. Scoop the remains into a pail or bag with a shovel, making sure to get any half-burned logs, as well. Always make sure all ashes and logs are not hot when cleaning out your fireplace.

  1. Use a plastic tarp when cleaning.

At Rettinger Fireplace Systems, we suggest using a plastic tarp around the front of your fireplace when cleaning. This will help protect your floor and your health from the ashes and any cleaning products used. If you have some old newspapers lying around, these will do the trick as well.  If you need help with any cleaning tips, or if you’re shopping around for gas fireplaces in New Jersey, Rettinger Fireplace Systems can be of assistance. We provide the best selection around and we’re always ready to address any questions or concerns.

  1. Scan for obstructions.

It’s a good idea to install a chimney cap outside. This will prevent animals and leaves from getting inside your chimney. Many caps have mesh around their sides that work to prevent fires, and these can also be cleaned with a wire brush. Another tip that we suggest is to trim any overhanging or falling branches that might obstruct your chimney.

  1. Select a good cleaning product.

Many people mix trisodium phosphate with some warm water and use this to clean their fireplaces. You’ll need to use gloves and goggles if you opt for this choice. You can also make a vinegar and water solution, or even a baking soda or cream of tartar.

  1. Sweep out the interior.

A vacuum brush attachment is sometimes the only tool you need for this tip. You can also use a chimney brush if you have one. You’ll want to scrape off any soot and creosote, using a pole so that you can reach the flue. Clean the damper ledge if necessary and make sure that all creosote is removed. Remember to keep the flue open while cleaning, as well.

If you need some help choosing the right gas fireplace or the right wood fireplaces in South Jersey, give Rettinger Fireplace Systems a call. We’re always ready to help people find the best fireplaces for their homes!