Piazzetta SY Series

An industry standard in Euro style pellet stoves

Piazzetta SY pellet stoves ensure absolute comfort. Efficient and capable of creating a unique atmosphere around the fire, they require little maintenance while offering the SY SYSTEM that makes all the difference. Easy to use and ecological, the styling of every Piazzetta SY stove is refined and original.

6 different models available!

P955 BTU/h range: 11,000 - 37,000 BTU/h

P958 BTU/h range: 10,000 - 39,000 BTU/h

P960 BTU/h range: 12,000 - 48,000 BTU/h

P961 BTU/h range: 12,000 - 48,000 BTU/h

P962 BTU/h range: 12,000 - 48,000 BTU/h

P963 BTU/h range: 13,000 - 47,000 BTU/h

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