Marquis Bentley Series

Bring the big view indoors

With an expansive glass viewing area and clever designer options for customizing the look to suit your personal style, the new Bentley by Marquis is generating some serious attention. Available in two size, you can choose from the Decorative-rated fireplace for ambiance and taking the chill out of the room, or the Heater-rated version for additional warmth. With so much style and attention to detail, it’s no wonder people are focused on the view indoors!


Comes in four different models

Bentley 33” Glass Size: 33” wide x 28 5/8” tall

Bentley 42” Glass Size: 37 1/8” wide x 31 3/4” tall

Bentley 39N/NE Models BTUs Range: 16,750- 25,000 BTU’s

Bentley 39NH/NHE Models BTUs Range: 19,000- 28,000 BTU’s

Bentley 42N/NE Models BTUs Range: 16,500- 25,000 BTU’s

Bentley 42NH/NHE Models BTUs Range: 20,000- 29,500 BTU’s

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