Heatilator Heirloom

Authentic masonry style, powerful heat

The Heirloom provides authentic masonry style without the costs of a site-built masonry fireplace. The largest viewing areas in their class showcase intense fires, textured brick interior panels, powerful heat and high-efficiency performance.


Comes in three different sizes

Heirloom 36” Viewing Area: 35 7/8” wide x 31 1/16” high

Heirloom 42” Viewing Area: 41 7/8” wide x 36 1/16” high

Heirloom 50" Viewing Area: 49 7/8" wide x 40 1/16" high

Heirloom 36” BTUs Input: 45,000 BTU's

Heirloom 42” BTUs Input: 54,000 BTU's

Heirloom 50" BTUs Input: 65,000 BTU's

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Hearth Style