Front Facing Modern Indoor Fireplaces

Front facing fireplaces are a beautiful example of the modern design brought to your by Flare Fireplaces.  The design possibilities for the model are endless with a wide range of lengths, heights and designs to choose from.

The Flare Modern, Front Facing Linear Fireplace Is Available In 7 Different Sizes and 3 Different Glass Heights

Media Options – Linear Fireplaces

Flare Fireplaces offers a wide variety of different classic & premium Media options.

Choose between classic or premium fireglass, stones, or more traditional media types, such as embers & logs. Your choice of  one of our many classic media options is included with every fireplace purchase.

Flare media options are designed to enhance the modern fireplace experience. By customizing your firebox to represent the Flare inside of you, you’ll also see a more realistic & appealing burn.

You can achieve a modern or more contemporary look depending on the media selection, and arrangement, in your linear fireplace. Don’t be afraid to choose multiple types of media to find the combination that fits your Flare.

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