Eiklor Ultimate 5 Burner

Beautiful, Affordable and Energy Efficient

From extraordinary beauty and realism to the latest technology, EIKLOR FLAMES® leads the way. Experience the ‘ULTIMATE’ in Gas Logs Systems! As a leader in the ‘gas logs’ industry we specialize in manufacturing fireplace gas burner systems and gas logs sold TOGETHER as a FIREPLACE GAS LOGS SYSTEM with a lifetime warranty. Our gas logs systems are for natural gas and liquid propane fully-vented residential and commercial fireplaces, for INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE, and are CSA safety tested and approved. All EIKLOR FLAMES® gas logs systems are custom-built according to your selections and fireplace requirements! Our artistically created, ultra-detailed gas logs are made of high-heat 2600° ceramic refractory and are heated by our patented burner systems with unique stainless steel components and heavy-duty iron grates to give you an extraordinarily beautiful, energy efficient ‘toasty warm fire’! The heat from your EIKLOR FLAMES® gas logs system will be great and the flame control is infinite, from a very low fading fire to a roaring blaze. Our products are superior in every way!