American Hearth Loft Series

The Vent Free Loft Series offers unconventional styling and contemporary flair

When a traditional fireplace would seem out of place, the Loft Series of contemporary burners complement the unique décor you worked so hard to achieve. The Loft Series Burner installs in any certified vent-free firebox or wood-burning fireplace to help complete your artistic statement. It operates as a vent-free system for heating or can be installed in a vented fireplace to provide the ambiance of a fire but without the heat.


Comes in three different sizes

Loft VF 18” BTUs Range: 19,000- 26,000 BTU’s

Loft VF 24” BTUs Range: 24,000- 36,000 BTU’s

Loft VF 30” BTUs Range: 28,000- 40,000 BTU’s

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