A.H. Boulevard Direct Vent

A Boulevard Linear Direct Vent fireplace adds drama to any decor

Every Boulevard fireplace includes an intuitive multifunction remote control with day-of-week thermostat programming so you can set it to cycle off at bedtime and cycle on in the morning, so you wake to a warm fire. The Boulevard’s Green Earth Preferred Intermittent Pilot system eliminates the standing pilot – saving energy and your money. When you want fire, press the button – or just let the programmable thermostat maintain your desired room temperature. Thanks to its advanced logic, the thermostat remote control anticipates heat demand to minimize temperature fluctuations in the room. In the event of a power outage, your Boulevard fireplace can operate with a standing pilot and switch – to provide life-saving warmth for your home until power is restored. Complete your fireplace installation with one of the surrounds. Each installs in minutes to provide a clean transition from the fireplace to the surrounding wall. Choose a simple 2-inch or 4-inch frame in matte black, or opt for the larger and bolder look of a TideWater front. Fronts include barrier screens to protect your family from direct contact with the hot glass.


Comes in three different sizes

Boulevard DV 41” BTUs Range: 17,000- 34,500 BTU’s

Boulevard DV 48” BTUs Range: 18,000- 34,500 BTU’s

Boulevard DV 60” BTUs Range: 31,000- 46,000 BTU’s

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